Autism Awareness Appointments

Phillips proudly are the first in the West of Ireland to offer Autism Appointments in retail. 
We provide private store time in a calm, stress free environment for Autistic persons & their family.
Just get in touch and we'll Make shopping one less thing for you to worry about!
Call 09496 30368 or Message our social media
WHY?  We believe in a world where shopping is enjoyable, stress free & fun. For Families with Autism, this is not always the case. Trips to the shop can be frustrating as Autism can cause you to feel frightened and confused in busy and unfamiliar settings.
Autism can cause sensitivity to sound and light. So, we turn off the music & zone lighting is adapted to the clients needs. Our store is huge (3,200 sq ft) and doors are secured, so kids can run around in a safe & calm environment. Mam & Dad can relax are enjoy their store time. 
WHEN? Whenever suits you! Evening, Weekends, whatever time is best for your family. We will work around Your needs. 
HOW MUCH? This is a completely Complimentary service . We are just happy to   take the stress out of shopping for families and do something towards Normalising autism in society. 
This service is not just for the autistic person. Anyone that wants to come shopping and wants to bring an Autistic family or friend with them, can absolutely use this service too.